Interstate Transport Companies Brisbane: Produce and Farming, Curtain Side Loader, General Freight

30 May 2017

Many warehouse, logistics and transport companies in Brisbane are maximizing their operational efficiency using a high-tech transportation management system (TMS). This is a suite of software that has been designed to manage the transportation of freight from its point of origin (which can be a warehouse) to its destination (for example, another warehouse, port or store), and to do this as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

As we all know, freight transport in Australia relies heavily on the trucking industry. This is why it is so exciting to recognise that technology has now given us the ability to optimise our freight systems, whether these are inbound or outbound, and wringing every last ounce of value from our systems. A TMS is usually used in conjunction with a warehouse management system by logistics companies, offering complete control over every aspect of freight management.

4 benefits of using a management system for logistics companies in Brisbane

Everything from managing domestic and international shipping to tracking drivers in real time can be optimised using these high tech systems.

1. Warehouse management: With inbound and outbound inventory, trucks arriving and departing, forklifts coming and going, the warehouse is a busy area. All logistics companies can benefit from having a well-run warehouse where every movement is tracked, logged and scrutinised.

2. Streamlined billing: When you can track everything that enters and leaves your warehouse, it is a simple matter to streamline the billing process. Most of this will be automated, saving an enormous amount of time, and increasing the efficiency of your billing department.

3. Supply chain efficiency: When the supply chain breaks down, companies can suffer. A high-tech management system tracks all drivers and trucks, as well as every single piece of inventory throughout the supply chain, so that any problems can be quickly anticipated and a fix put in place immediately.

4. Reduce freight costs: When the entire supply chain has been optimised and managed correctly, cutting costs is an easy process. When freight companies in Brisbane know the location of their drivers and trucks at any one time, freight can be optimised, ensuring that there are no empty loads on the road.

There is no doubt that using a high-tech management system has definite benefits for transport companies in Brisbane. Call Manly Transport on 07 3348 8109 to discuss your freight requirements or get a quote online today.

17 May 2017

There are a number of freight companies in Brisbane, but Manly Transport is the number one transport company in the region for a number of very good reasons. One of these reasons is that we have been around since 1997 and have built a formidable reputation, based on our reliability and our timely deliveries.

Other delivery companies in Brisbane try to emulate our success, but we have the experience and the know-how to do a job right the first time and to keep on doing it right. So let’s take a look at some of the other reasons why we are right at the top of Brisbane’s transport companies.

  • Interstate deliveries: We service customers across SE QLD and into NSW, Adelaide and Victoria. If you want your interstate deliveries to be on time and in good shape, then our general freight system can do the job for you.
  • Flexible rates: We offer a variety of different rates to suit everyone’s needs, even if they change over time. Unlike other delivery companies in Brisbane, we have day hire rates, hourly rates, contract work rates, pallet rates and full load rates, giving you the flexibility you require for your business.
  • Fleet of trucks: We have more than 20 vehicles, including refrigerated trucks, tailgate loaders and curtain sliders, from 1 to 12 tonnes. So whatever your transport needs, we offer you the perfect solution, every time.
  • Same day service: If you live in the SE QLD corridor, then we offer you a same day delivery service, whether that is refrigerated freight or general freight, ensuring that your business keeps on running.
  • Flexible operating hours: If you need it delivered, we will make sure that it arrives on time. We will work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to get your deliveries to their destination, although we do charge extra on times, so we can pay our workers on public holidays and weekends.
  • Satellite tracking: With other delivery companies in Brisbane you might worry about your deliveries arriving on time, but with Manly Transport our satellite tracking takes care of this problem, giving up to the minute updates on its progress.

Not all freight companies in Brisbane are equal and if you want the best, call us on 07 3348 8109 or get a quote online today.

12 Apr 2017

Manly Transport are well-known for their refrigerated transport in Brisbane, ensuring that all supermarket deliveries are not only on time, but are also as perfect as when they were loaded onto our trucks.

As we can all agree, produce and farming transport is an essential component of our economy, keeping the supermarkets filled and food on our table. With demand for locally grown foods increasing, the safe and timely distribution of perishable goods across Australia is a growing business for the transport industry.

Let’s take a look at some of the logistics in transporting perishables from the farm to the stores in Queensland and across Australia.

From the farm to the distribution centres

In Queensland, some food might be transported directly from the farms to local market places, but the majority is sent to large distribution centres in Brisbane. Refrigerated transport is used for all legs of the supply chain, as most fresh fruit and vegetables won’t last long in Queensland’s heat.

Once at the distribution centres, the perishable goods will be kept stored in a temperature controlled environment, until it is reloaded onto another truck for delivery to the supermarkets.

From the distribution centres to the supermarkets

A distribution centre gives local producers the ability to have their produce in the supermarkets when it is needed. This means that they can easily keep the supply chain flowing without having to worry about trucks coming in late due to traffic and losing their contracts to the competition.

Manly Transport is one of the leaders in refrigerated transport in Brisbane with a large fleet of trucks that are constantly on the move. We offer pallet rates, half loads and full load rates, customising our services to our clients to ensure that everyone is happy.

We specialise in the transport of fresh flowers and other fresh perishables, both locally and across Australia, and with our satellite tracking, we have a reputation for on-time supermarket deliveries.

If you need reliable and professional produce and farming transport to move your perishable produce to your distribution centre or even the local marketplace, call Manly Transport on 07 3348 8109 or you can save time and get a quote online.

15 Mar 2017

Outsourcing your transport needs to Brisbane transport companies is a sensible idea, because it saves you the costs involved with buying and maintaining your own fleet. Of course, you still want to save as much money as possible on your freight costs and as one of the leading Logistics Services in Brisbane, we have a number of tips that will make sure you save as much money as possible.

Let’s take a look out our top 3 tips for saving money with Brisbane transport companies, so you can cut your freight costs and use your saved money on more important areas of your business.

  1. Part loads: When you know that you won’t have enough freight for a whole load on the truck, you will save money if you can outsource your freight to one of the Logistics Services in Brisbane that does offer part loads. Not all transport companies will offer this service, so it pays to check first before you sign any contracts that lock you in for a period of time.

  2. Pallet rates: This is another area where you can save a considerable amount of money, if you can find one of the Brisbane transport companies that offers pallet rates. Many of our customers at Manly Transport only have small loads and a few pallets is all they need to move each week. Offering pallet load rates is one way that we can keep our customer’s businesses on the move and keep our customers happy.

  3. Being organised: One of the best strategies you can use to reduce your costs is to be ready when the truck arrives at your premises for loading. As one of the top Logistics Services in Brisbane, we ask all of our customers to ensure that their freight is ready for loading when we arrive, as this makes for a fast pickup and delivery for our customers. This readiness involves having all of your freight loaded correctly on their pallets (shrink wrapped if necessary), so all we have to do is grab a forklift and load them on the truck.

If you are interested in outsourcing your freight to one of the best transport companies in Brisbane, you can get a quote online or call us on 07 3348 8109.


09 Feb 2017

At Manly Transport, we take our transport services in Brisbane very seriously. This means that in these tough economic times, we need to optimise our services to ensure that our customers still receive a good deal and excellent customer service.

To maintain both a local and an interstate delivery service, over the years, we have put in place a number of strategies that have proven to be economically viable and have a flow on effect to our customers. These strategies include GPS tracking, a variety of different rates, ongoing truck maintenance and acquisitions, and driver education, which have all made a significant improvement in how we operate.

GPS satellite tracking: This is one of our best solutions for optimising our transport services in Brisbane. With GPS fleet management, we can track where every vehicle is along its route, allowing us to fine tune our deliveries, and our customers know exactly when their deliveries will arrive. GPS tracking also has the added benefit of giving the drivers up to the minute traffic information, ensuring that they always take the quickest routes to their destination.

Optimising our freight loads: Managing our payloads by giving our customers the option of part loads and pallet rates ensures that every truck on the road is full. This reduces the costs to our customers and makes both our transport services in Brisbane and our interstate delivery service more efficient and cost effective for everyone.

Truck maintenance and acquisitions: We have always maintained our trucks well, but now we look at their overall performance and their fuel efficiency more closely. We also acquire new trucks for our transport services in Brisbane in a timely manner. Advances in new truck design and technology have made the more modern trucks much more cost effective and fuel efficient, so if a truck isn’t measuring up, we pull it off the road and fix it or replace it.

Driver education: Studies have shown that improved driver practices help to increase fuel efficiency. Practices such as accelerating hard, inconsistent speeds and hard braking can all be corrected to the long term benefit of our customers.

If you are interested in our interstate delivery service or our transport services in Brisbane, you can get a quote online or call us on 07 3348 8109 to discuss your needs.

30 Jan 2017

An efficient Brisbane delivery service is essential for many businesses who need to transport goods to their warehouses for storage or distribution, or sent directly to their customers. The problem can be in finding the best transport companies in Brisbane and then deciding which one is best for your needs.

To help you make your decision, here are the top 5 factors that we think will help you compare transport companies in Brisbane and decide which one suits your needs best.

  1. Type and number of trucks: A professional delivery service in Brisbane will have a range of different trucks, some for general freight and some for refrigerated freight. They will also have a range of different sized trucks, allowing for pallet deliveries, part loads and full loads.
  2. Area of service: When you are comparing Brisbane transport companies, make sure that they cover your area. Many companies only cover the SE QLD, whilst others, like Manly Transport, service both the local areas and offer interstate transport as well.
  3. Customer testimonials: Any Brisbane delivery service that is proud of their work will include customer testimonials on their website or make them available to customers on request. It is essential that any transportation company you are considering hiring has a professional reputation and is well thought of in the local community.
  4. Satellite tracking: Not all Brisbane transport companies use satellite tracking in their trucks. Knowing where your goods are along their route and how soon they will arrive at their destination, gives you the surety of knowing your delivery is on time and gives your customers confidence in your company.
  5. Customer service: The way that the Brisbane delivery service deals with their customers says a lot about their professionalism and their honesty. In this day and age, there is no excuse for poor customer service and many a business has closed its doors due to not taking this simple fact on board.

Manly Transport is a professional Brisbane delivery service serving both SE QLD and interstate. You can get a quote online or call us to discuss your needs, whichever you prefer.

20 Jan 2017

Refrigerated chiller trucks are a critical link in the cold chain, not only for maintaining the temperature and integrity of the produce, but for ensuring that the produce is safe for its intended use. The focus of refrigerated transport in Brisbane is to keep the produce at the correct temperature at all times and to deliver it to its destination in the same condition, as when it was first loaded.

For example, fresh meat needs to be kept within a temperature range of 0 and 2 degrees centigrade, delicatessen produce between 2 and 4 degrees, and dairy products, fruits and vegetables between 4 and 8 degrees centigrade.

The different temperature ranges for different produce means that refrigerated chiller trucks must be serviced frequently, so that the required temperatures are kept stable at all times. Any fluctuations outside of these ranges can reduce the condition of the produce and can pose a health risk if the produce is to be consumed.

Refrigerated transport in Brisbane can be used for a variety of reasons, but here are 4 of the most common reasons for requiring refrigerated chiller trucks.

  • Delivery from the factory or farm to a cold storage facility.
  • Transport from cold storage to a central storage warehouse (wholesale).
  • Delivery from the wholesale warehouse to an outlet or retail store.
  • Transport from the wholesale warehouse to the end consumer (home delivery).

Home delivery of refrigerated produce from large supermarket chains is slowly growing as online ordering is becoming more popular with customers. This means that refrigerated transport in Brisbane needs to accommodate both refrigerated produce and other food items that do not need to be temperature controlled.

As the market for refrigerated food and other produce increases, the benefits of using refrigerated transport in Brisbane become obvious:

  1. Large volumes of refrigerated products can be transported very quickly.
  2. They can be transported over long distances and even interstate quite easily.
  3. With point to point delivery, the number of door openings are minimised, eliminating any temperature fluctuations.
  4. Producers and middlemen have the benefit of a professional logistics company who specialise in refrigerated chiller trucks.

If you are in the market for refrigerated transport in Brisbane, call us at Manly Transport or get a quote online today.

22 Dec 2016

At Manly Transport, we have worked hard to become one of the leading transport companies in Brisbane. Since 1997, we have provided local and interstate transport for general and refrigerated freight and in the process, we have built a formidable reputation for our honesty, integrity and hard work.
Not all transport companies in Brisbane have been in the industry as long as we have and none of them have the experience and competitive pricing that we offer our customers. Here are 6 reasons why we have become one of the best transport companies in SEQ.
1. Australian owned: We have always been a family operated Australian company serving the local community and we are proud to say that we always will be Australian.

2. Multiple rates: Some transport companies in Brisbane only offer full load rates, however we understand know that many businesses don’t have enough cargo to fill a complete load. So we offer LTL (less than load) rates, as well as pallet rates, daily hire, hourly rates and contract work. This means that whatever your volume of cargo, we will always be there to deliver it to your customers.

3. Refrigerated trucks: Many of our customers need to deliver perishable goods to their customers and need refrigerated trucks. We offer a variety of these trucks and when added to our multiple rates, give our customers a comprehensive service.

4. Lots of trucks: We have a fleet of 20 trucks, comprising of both general freight trucks and refrigerated trucks, so whatever your requirements, we make sure your goods or products arrive on time.

5. Satellite tracking: Unlike many transport companies in Brisbane, all of our trucks are fitted with satellite tracking, which means that you know exactly where your cargo is at any given time. Being able to say to your customer that the delivery will arrive in 30 minutes helps to build your own reputation as a professional business.

6. Competitive prices: Even though we need to make a profit, we make sure that our prices are very competitive and that our customers can afford to use our services. That way, we all make a profit and we all win!
If your business could benefit from outsourcing to transport companies in Brisbane, then you can’t go wrong talking to us at Manly Transport. Call us on 07 3348 8109 for a free quote.

Transport companies in Brisbane

30 Nov 2016

When your Queensland business relies on delivering products to customers in another state, it is vital that you locate reliable interstate transport companies in Brisbane. The best way is to make a short list of transport companies with a good reputation in the industry, who deliver on time and have reasonable prices.  
The problem is in finding these interstate transport companies in Brisbane, so here are 5 steps that will make short work of your search.
1. Ask around your network: As a business owner you will have a network of colleagues in the industry who might also need to use interstate transport. Asking for recommendations from people you trust is a short cut to finding a reliable company that you can work with as well.

2. Search online: Finding interstate transport companies in Brisbane is so much quicker with the internet and is a fast and easy way to create your short list. Look for professional websites that offer the services you need, checking for full and half loads, as well a pallet rates.

3. Look for testimonials online: Any company that is proud of their work will include client testimonials on their website, so make sure that you read these reviews. You can even ring up some of these clients, if there is enough identifying information, or ask the company for a list of clients who are happy to talk to you.

4. Meet face-to-face: With a short list to hand, the next step is to visit the premises of the interstate transport companies in Brisbane for an in-person meeting. At the same time, you can cast an eye over their premises to make sure that it all looks ship-shape, give due consideration to their customer service and decide whether they are the sort of company that will work well with your company.  

5. Organise a trail run: You don’t have to lock yourself into any contracts, just simply organise one interstate trip and then decide once you can see how they operate. If they are courteous, deliver on time and everything arrives in one piece, then it might be time to talk about contracts and negotiating costs with them.
Manly Transport are one of the leading interstate transport companies in Brisbane, so call us on 07 3348 8109 for a free quote.

Interstate Transport Companies in Brisbane

30 Nov 2016

When you are in business and you need to transport your products or goods to customers or warehouses across the country, then the cost of freight transport in Australia is an important consideration. In fact, the cost of transportation can make or break a business, however finding the cheapest transportation isn’t always the best idea.
Calculating costs of freight transport in Australia

Fuel costs: One of the most volatile transportation costs is fuel and this can change dramatically from one day to the next. You might think that there is room to negotiate over the costs attached to fuel, but due to its volatility most freight companies simply charge a flat rate for fuel based on the latest average price. After all, the fuel price used to calculate your costs may go up or down by the time they fill up the truck, but since it tends to all even out in the end, fuel costs are not normally negotiable.
Labour costs: Drivers need to be paid a fixed rate, so this is not something that can be negotiated.  Freight transport in Australia relies on the expertise of their drivers, so no transport company is going to jeopardise the good reputation of their company by cutting the wages of their staff.
Running costs: These include maintenance and repairs of the trucks, office staff and all of the costs involved in operating an office, as well as insurances, registrations and all sundry costs. All of these are also fixed costs and cannot be negotiated.
Profit margin: Every business is going to have a built-in profit margin and this is the only area where you can negotiate the price of freight transport in Australia. As you will appreciate, all businesses need to make money and the only way they can continue operating is if they make a profit. Sometimes this profit margin is very slim and other times it is more comfortable.  
This means that your ability to negotiate transportation costs, depends on where this line is drawn. If the company is running on a low profit margin, you will be less able to negotiate the costs, which is understandable in today’s market place and rising costs.
For very reasonably priced freight transport in Australia, call Manly Transport on 07 3348 8109.    

Freight Transport in Australia

21 Oct 2016

At Manly Transport, we know that many small businesses feel overwhelmed with managing their own transport needs, but at the same time they feel intimidated negotiating with large transport companies in Brisbane. This is unfortunate, because transport companies can always do with more business and outsourcing your transport requirements will help you to expand your business as well.
To help small business feel more comfortable negotiating with transport companies in Brisbane, here are a few tips on the process, which should give you more confidence to go ahead and outsource your transportation needs.
Tips on negotiating with transport companies in Brisbane

As you already know, there are fixed costs, flexible costs and then a profit margin. In the transport industry, our fixed costs are the employee’s salaries, insurances and any leasing arrangements we have entered into to operate our business. Flexible costs are composed of basically fuel, repairs and running costs for our fleet of trucks.
As you can appreciate, our fixed costs have to be covered, as do our flexible costs, which to be honest, don’t change that much over time, except to go up. However, that does leave our profit margins, which can open a window for realistic negotiations.
How much transport companies in Brisbane are willing to negotiate depends on their profit margins and how much work you will be outsourcing. A small company might not need much more than a few pallets delivered twice a week, so you have less room to negotiate than a company that fills two trucks twice a week.
That being said, there is always room for negotiations, so don’t feel that you have to wait until you can fill a truck before you investigate outsourcing your deliveries. After all, if you outsource, then you have more money and time to invest in your business. As your business grows, your transportation requirements increase accordingly and the transportation company gains more and more work from you.
It is really a win-win situation, particularly if you look at it from point of view of both companies. You can see that the transport companies in Brisbane gain as much from the negotiations as you do, making the whole process much more palatable.  
Call Manly Transport on 07 3348 8109 for a free quote and reasonable rates.

Transport Companies in Brisbane

21 Oct 2016

The vast majority of businesses outsource their storage and logistics services to experienced companies, because it just makes common sense. After all, unless you wake up one morning and decide that the trucking business is your new passion, running a transport business is not what you do best.
Your expertise and your passion is the business you are currently running and it is unlikely to be a trucking business. So if you are on the fence about whether you should buy your own trucks or outsource your storage and logistics services to another company, here are 5 reasons that might help you make the right decision.  
1. Free up your time: Someone has to organise and supervise the transport side of your business and the buck usually stops with the boss. You can spend an inordinate amount of time fixing problems and making sure the warehouses are stocked and running smoothly, as well as all of the other problems with running a fleet of trucks.

2. Save money: Buying and maintaining a number of trucks is an expensive exercise, as is building or leasing warehouses. Don’t forget all of the forklifts you will need, the drivers, ancillary staff, fuel, services, repairs and a whole host of other expenses you haven’t even considered.

3. Forget employing more staff: If you want to run a warehouse and a trucking business, you are going to need more staff who are experienced in this type of work. Employing more staff increases your outgoings and creates more complexity where it is not needed. Save yourself all of this trouble by simply outsourcing your storage and logistics services.

4. Keep your capital in the bank: Buying trucks is going to eat into your capital and even if you take out a loan instead, the repayments and interest can be a killer. It is much more sensible from a financial point of view, to simply pay for storage and logistics services on a monthly basis and keep your cash in the bank. This way you can jump on business opportunities as they come along (because you have the capital in the bank) and help to grow your business for the future.
For competitively priced storage and logistics services call Manly Transport on 07 3348 8109.

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23 Sep 2016

Apart from Manly Transport Services, there are a number of other transport companies in Brisbane who also offer local and interstate transportation for general and refrigerated freight. The problem is in knowing which transportation company is a good fit for your business and will help you to grow and expand your customer base.
If this is your predicament and you are searching for reliable and affordable transport companies in Brisbane, then here are 5 tips to help you find success in your search.
1. Ask around your network: If you have been in business for any length of time you will have built up a formidable network within your industry. So ask around this network for recommendations and start checking them out.

2. Search online: Just about all transport companies in Brisbane will have a website, so go online and do a Google search. Then make a list of a few likely looking candidates, before you move onto the next step.

3.Check their websites: Make sure that their websites look professional and answer all of your questions up front. All good transport companies in Brisbane want to engage with their customers and they quite often have a blog where they offer extra advice and tips on transportation for their clients.

4. Talk on the phone: It is always a good idea to chat to any prospective transport company on your short list, as this will show you how they interact with their customers and whether they offer service with a smile. No-one wants to hire a company that are always grumpy and unhelpful, so a quick chat on the phone can put this to bed.

5. Visit their premises: If it is at all possible, it is also a good idea to visit their premises, because an untidy yard with rubbish all over the place, old tyres stacked in the corner and a dirty office won’t give you much confidence in their business operations.
At Manly Transport we love talking to our customers and are happy to answer any questions you might have about our services. If you are looking for hard working and affordable transport companies in Brisbane, then be sure to call us today on 07 3348 8109 for a free quote.

Transport Companies Brisbane, affordable transport companies in Brisbane

23 Sep 2016
At the risk of blowing our own horn, we know that there are not many interstate transport companies in Brisbane with as much experience as Manly Transport Services. We have been in the business of transporting freight for nearly twenty years and during this time we have built a solid reputation for our honesty, reliability and affordability.
We have clients who have been with us for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else, so if you are looking for interstate transport companies in Brisbane, you can’t go wrong with Manly Transport.
Why are we one of the best interstate transport companies in Brisbane?
It all comes down to how we treat our clients on the one hand, and on the other, it is because we always deliver as promised. We know how important it is for your produce or goods to be delivered safely and on time to their destination, regardless of whether that is in Brisbane, Adelaide, NSW or Victoria.
We offer both refrigerated and general freight transport and we have a variety of trucks available to suit your needs, all of which can be satellite tracked, so you know exactly when your load will be delivered, to the minute.
  • 1 to 12 tonnes.
  • B-doubles and single trailers.
  • Tailgate loaders.
  • Curtain sliders.
  • Full Pallets.
  • Full or part loads.
Many interstate transport companies in Brisbane do not offer local deliveries in Brisbane or throughout Queensland, but at Manly Transport, we make sure that you have the transport you need, when you need it. We realise the importance of reliable transport to the growth of your business and we make sure that we give you a reliable service with local drivers who can get your goods to their destination on time, every time.
At Manly Transport, we specialise in transporting flowers, plants, produce and general freight and our prices are extremely competitive. We even offer storage solutions to our clients, so we have covered all bases.   
If you want to find the best interstate transport companies in Brisbane, then you can’t go wrong ringing us at Manly Transport and asking us for a free quote. Call us on 07 3348 8109 today.
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24 Aug 2016
Freight transport services can be one of the biggest costs to a company, but if organised correctly, they can be one of the best strategies to help you grow and expand your business. At Manly Transport, we have nearly twenty years’ experience in transport and distribution and we know how to put together a streamlined logistics plan that will not only help to grow your customer base, but will also save you money in the long term.
As you can imagine, a poorly managed transportation and distribution system can result in damaged goods, late deliveries and lost customers. With that being said, here are our top 3 tips on increasing efficiency and saving money with your freight transport services.
1.Consolidate your deliveries: Take a look at how often you need to deliver to particular areas and maybe you can consolidate multiple trips into one. For example, if your 3 weekly deliveries are only partial loads, you can save money by consolidating them into one full truck. Even with multiple drop offs, this might work out cheaper than paying for three delivery runs per week with your freight transport services.
2.Pack pallets correctly: On trucks you pay for the space, so if your pallets are only ¾ full, you will pay more to transport 4 of these pallets, than you would to transport 3 full pallets. So take a look at how you pack your pallets, because this can save you a substantial amount of money.
3.Check out backhauls: Empty trucks don’t make money for freight transport services, so it pays to ask about the locations and times of their backhauls and see if you can tap into this for some serious savings. When a truck offloads, it is empty and either returns to its initial distribution point or moves on to another pickup. It is on these trips that the trucks are empty, so a conversation with your transportation company could reveal a win-win situation for both of you.
If you are in the market for freight transport services in SE QLD, call us at Manly Transport on 07 3348 8109 for a free quote and a friendly chat.
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24 Aug 2016
At Manly Transport we have a fleet of 20 vehicles ranging from 1 to 12 tonnes, including general freight and refrigerated chiller trucks. If you are not sure whether your goods need refrigeration or not, then here are our easy to follow guidelines on what does and doesn’t need to be transported in temperature controlled environments.
What foods need refrigerated chiller trucks?
Your food products will need to be transported in temperature controlled refrigerated chiller trucks if they are considered to be potentially hazardous foods. This means that if the food is not kept at 5 degrees centigrade or lower (or 60 degrees centigrade or higher), there is an increased potential for food poisoning to occur.
Businesses that frequently require their food and food supplies to be transported in refrigerated trucks, include restaurants, supermarkets and caterers, as well as food growers and farmers. Here are some examples of foods that are considered potentially hazardous and need to be transported in refrigerated trucks: dairy products, raw meat, poultry, seafood and cooked foods.  
Foods that do not need to be transported in chiller trucks, include items such as canned or bottled foods, dried fruit, hard cheeses, dried pasta and bread. At Manly Transport, many of our clients are flower growers or flower shops and we transport their cut flowers to their final destination in our refrigerated trucks to keep them fresh for their customers.
What to do if you are not sure if you need refrigerated chiller trucks
First of all, you can contact us at Manly Transport because we are always up to date with the current regulations. It is also a good idea to check the Australian Government website on food standards, so you can be completely confident in your decision.
At Manly Transport, all of our refrigerated trucks are well maintained and in tip top shape, and the refrigeration units are checked regularly. We guarantee that your refrigerated items will be delivered on time and in the same condition that they left your premises. You can even keep track of your deliveries yourself, because we have satellite tracking on all of our trucks.
If you need refrigerated chiller trucks in Brisbane, then you can’t go wrong calling us at Manly Transport on 07 3348 8109.
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22 Jul 2016

There are many solid reasons why outsourcing your logistics storage solutions is a better business decision than investing your working capital in warehouses, as well as in the extra employees and equipment needed for such an operation. Even though many Australian companies, both locally and nationally, are turning to third party logistics operators as the more viable option for their storage needs, you still might not be convinced that is it right for your business.
So if you are still sitting on the fence, here are 7 reasons why outsourcing your logistics storage solutions is the best move for your business.
1.No capital investment: In today’s financial climate being able to jump on business opportunities as they arise makes good business sense, but not if all your available cash is tied up in warehouses.

2.No extra equipment needed: You don’t need to invest in extra forklifts and pallet rackers, and all of the other equipment that is needed to operate a fully functioning and efficient warehouse operation.

3.No compliance issues: You don’t have to worry about workplace health and safety compliances in a warehouse situation or first aid training and a host of other issues that arise when you don’t outsource to a third party.

4.Faster deliveries: With a company that specialises in logistics storage solutions, double handling is avoided and your products are delivered to your customers on time and in good condition.

5.Increased flexibility: Everyone’s business ebbs and flows, so if your storage requirements reduce or increase over time, even temporarily, you don’t have to worry whether you have enough or too much storage space.  

6.Reduced costs: Instead of carrying all the costs of warehousing yourself, these costs are dramatically reduced when you outsource, because you only pay for the storage space you use.

7.Focus on your business: You can focus on your core business (which isn’t logistics storage solutions) and focus your time and energy on growing your business, rather than worrying about your warehouse operations.  
As you can see, outsourcing your logistics storage solutions to a third party provider frees up your time, saves you money and takes all the stress away from running a large warehouse operation. Call us at Manly Transport Services on 07 3348 8109 for competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Logistics Storage Solutions

22 Jul 2016

Most transport companies in Brisbane will offer one-way hires to businesses, because it just makes good business sense. After all, when you deliver your products to your customers, whether this in locally in SE QLD or interstate, you don’t have anything to pick up and return to your warehouse, you are simply delivering your goods to their destination.
If transport companies in Brisbane can organise return loads, then that is a bonus for them, but this doesn’t always happen and should not be cause for concern to the customer. At Manly Transport, we have been in the transport business for nearly twenty years and we would love if every return trip had a full load, but this is not always the case, simply due to the logistics of the operation and the needs of our customers.
So if you are looking for first rate transport companies in Brisbane, instead of thinking about one-way hires (which are a given), it might be more beneficial to think about whether they are flexible, competitive and have a good reputation.
Flexibility: When you are in business it pays to hire transport companies in Brisbane that have flexible storage options, as well as delivery options. So consider whether you need a curtain slider for general freight or a refrigerated truck for perishables. Also check whether they offer rates for pallets, part loads, day hire, contract work and hourly rates, as this gives you lots of options as the needs of your business change over time.

Competitive rates: Are their rates affordable and competitive or are their rates over the odds and too expensive? As you know, to stay in business we all need to be competitively priced and at Manly Transport we do our best to keep on top of our costs, so our customers receive the best service at the best rates.

Proven reputation: You don’t want to entrust the reputation of your company to a transport company that has not proven themselves over the years to be reliable, honest and competitive. At Manly Transport we have built a solid reputation for our hard work, integrity and our willingness to go out of our way to assist our customers.
Since we are one of the leading transport companies in Brisbane, why not call us at Manly Transport on 07 3348 8109 and ask us for a free quote today?

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28 Jun 2016
Storage and logistics services are a necessary evil of doing business, but with careful and deliberate changes, you can optimise your supply chain and save money.
Storage and Logistics Services

28 Jun 2016
There are 4 good reasons why freight transport in Australia is the most popular method of transporting goods and produce across the country, both locally and interstate.
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21 May 2016
When you need to freight your products across Australia, you need to make sure that you select the best of the interstate transport companies in Brisbane for the job. You want a company with a good reputation for delivering on time, the right type of transport and equipment for your goods, and it really helps if they have a friendly customer service as well.
Outsourcing your transport needs is an important decision for your business and finding the right company, who can deliver your products on time and in optimal condition is even more important. There are a number of different interstate transport companies in Brisbane, all who want your business, so here are 2 questions you can ask them to help you decide which one is best for your business.
What type of insurances do they offer?
All interstate transport companies in Brisbane will need to offer their customers insurance against loss or damage of their goods. For example, if the temperature on the refrigerated truck drops below the optimum level and the shelf life of your perishable goods is reduced dramatically or they are delivered in very poor condition, what recompense can you expect for their replacement? Delays and accidents can occur in transit, but it is important to know that the interstate transport companies in Brisbane are covered for any eventuality.
Do they have a record of delivering on time?
You need to make sure that the interstate transport companies in Brisbane you are considering hiring have a proven record of delivering on time. This includes the loading and unloading times as well as the transportation times. Apart from having a discussion about this topic with the transport companies, the easiest way to find this information is to read customer testimonials and to talk to their current customers, if the company discloses this information. A good way to determine if the company is serious about delivering on time is to ask whether they have satellite tracking on their trucks, as this will give you a real-time ETA for your goods and adds a layer of transparency to the process.
Along with knowing the costs charged by the interstate transport companies in Brisbane you should now have enough information to select the best transport company for your business.

22 Apr 2016

At Manly Transport Services we have been providing logistics storage solutions to businesses in SE QLD for nearly twenty years. Over this time, many businesses have realised that they can gain a competitive edge by outsourcing their supply chain and logistic requirements to us, enabling them to focus more on their core business goals.
If you are searching for a logistics storage solutions partner in SE QLD, here are 4 reasons why Manly Transport Services should be at the top of your list.
1. We have a proven record in the industry: At Manly Transport we always put our customers first and go out of our way to ensure that your logistical needs and your supply chain are kept on track at all times.
2.Save time and money: When you engage Manly Transport as your logistics storage solutions partner, you will save a wealth of money, otherwise spend on maintaining your own fleet of trucks, drivers, insurances, registrations, maintenance and repairs. We will ensure that your freight arrives at your distribution or storage warehouse on time, every time.

3. Scalability and flexibility: One of the benefits of a logistics storage solutions partner is that you can easily scale your requirements up or down, depending on your business needs. As your transport requirements increase and your business grows, we can quite quickly take up the slack and accommodate your increased inventory. Likewise, if your business is seasonal and you require less transport, our highly flexible operations can contract to take these changes on-board as well.

4. Focus on your core business goals: When you know that you have the best logistics storage solutions partner on your team, you can stop worrying about the logistics leg of your business and focus on what you do best. Let’s be honest, managing and growing your business are your two main priorities, so outsourcing your transport needs relieves you of the day to day logistics burden and frees up your time for more productive endeavours.
If you are in the market for a logistics storage solutions partner, then call us on 07 3348 8109 and ask us how we can help fulfil your logistics needs.

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21 Apr 2016
Some businesses are still on the fence about the benefits of outsourcing their produce and farming transport needs to a third party. Many still prefer to own their own trucks and employ drivers to keep their supply chains on the road. The problem with this approach to managing your transportation needs is that you can lose your competitive edge and it can cost you time and money.
Two benefits of outsourcing your produce and farming transport needs
-Save time: When you outsource your produce and farming transport needs you save a significant amount of time in your day, because you no longer have to manage or supervise these operations. As you already are aware, you have so many calls on your time that the less you have to worry about the better. This means that the more of your operations you can outsource to reputable firms, the more time you have to focus on your business goals.
-Save money: When you try to do everything yourself, you usually end up spending more money. For example, the cost of buying or leasing trucks, along with employing drivers, maintaining the trucks, paying for fuel, registrations and insurances can all add up to a substantial financial undertaking. On the other hand when you outsource your produce and farming transport needs, you only pay one fee, which will always save you money compared to owning your own fleet of trucks.
What to look for in a produce and farming transport company
When you have decided to outsource your transport needs, there are a few factors that are important in your decision. First of all, you want a company that is experienced in produce and farming transport and have a proven track record in fulfilling all of their customer’s needs. Next, you want a company that has a fleet of different sized trucks and flexible rates.
Both of these features will be a huge benefit if your transportation needs increase or decrease over time, ensuring that you are not locked into a fixed contract. Lastly, you want to make sure that the trucks are fitted with satellite tracking, ensuring that you always know the location of your produce and it’s time of arrival.
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23 Mar 2016

There are a number of interstate transport companies in Brisbane, but hands down the best and most reliable company is Manly Transport. These guys have been around for nearly 20 years and have built up an enviable reputation in the industry and in the local area for their honesty, their reliability and their ability to get things done.
When you compare all of the interstate transport companies in Brisbane, it is easy to see why Manly Transport are so popular and are still going strong after nearly two decades in the business.
Manly Transport have a fleet of well-maintained trucks
With 20 trucks ranging from 1 to 12 tonnes, general freight trucks, refrigerated trucks, curtain sliders and tailgates, it’s not hard to see why Manly Transport have the lion’s share of the trucking business, out of all the interstate transport companies in Brisbane. Their trucks are always well-maintained, their drivers are highly experienced and they even have satellite tracking so you always know the location of your freight and its expected time of delivery at its destination.
Manly Transport are always on time
When you are comparing interstate transport companies in Brisbane, one of the expectations is that they will deliver on time. Manly Transport always live up to and even exceed these expectations, because they know how important it is to your reputation that your freight arrives on time and this timeliness also reflects back onto their own reputation. This is a win-win situation. In addition, having the satellite tracking is a clear indication that this company doesn’t mess around and is fully transparent in all of its business deals.  
Manly Transport have very competitive rates
Manly Transport are fully aware that business goes up and down and so their prices reflect these changes. You can opt for day hire or contract work, as well as asking about their pallet rates and hourly rates. Their hours of operation are very flexible (unlike many interstate transport companies in Brisbane), taking into account your changing needs and they are more than willing to sit down with you and create a package deal that suits your requirements.
So if you are looking for interstate transport companies in Brisbane, it will pay you to contact Manly Transport on 07 3348 8109 and ask about their competitive rates.

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23 Mar 2016
Many businesses require reliable and experienced general freight transport for the delivery of their products to retail outlets, storage facilities or warehouse, both locally and interstate. For many of these businesses, it simply makes more financial sense to outsource their interstate delivery needs to a company that specialises in general freight transport, rather than lease or purchase the trucks themselves.
At Manly Transport, we have been in the general freight transport business for nearly 20 years and we have built a formidable reputation within the industry for our honesty, reliability and our ability to deliver on time, anywhere in Australia. So if you are searching for interstate transport for your general freight, here are 3 things you need to do to make sure that the process runs smoothly.

1. What type of truck do you need? The first thing to do is to decide what type of truck you need for your general freight transport. At Manly Transport, we have a fleet of 20 vehicles, ranging from 1 to 12 tonnes and we have tailgate loaders and curtain sliders for general freight. So before you contact us, decide which type of truck is suitable for your freight.
2. Weight and size of freight: Next, we need to know the weight and size of your general freight, so we can allocate it to the best trucks. This saves a lot of time at the start of the process and ensures that your freight is delivered in a timely manner. The cost of your general freight transport is also dependent on the weight and size of your freight, so we need to have this measured correctly, ensuring that you don’t pay any more than you need for your transport.  
3. Ready to be loaded: When our trucks turn up at your depot, it is important that your freight is ready to be loaded. As you can imagine, the longer it takes to load your freight, the less time we have to deliver it to your customers. Knowing the size and weight (mentioned above), helps us to send the right type of truck to pick-up your freight and if it is ready for loading when we arrive, the whole process runs like clockwork.
Call Manly Transport on 07 3348 8109 for more information on our general freight transport in SE QLD and across Australia.

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19 Feb 2016
At Manly Transport, we have been in the flower and plant transport business for years and have built a solid reputation for our reliability, our flexible rates and our friendly customer service. As a Brisbane based transport company we know the local area like the back of our hand and take great pride in providing flower and plant transport for both our local and interstate clients.
Manly Transport are always on time
When you need flower and plant transport or even lawn turf transport between your warehouse and your retail customers or contractors, then you must have a transport company that is renowned for its reliability. As a business, your own reputation is on the line, so if your plants are not delivered on time or they are damaged during transit, this reflects badly on your business. At Manly Transport, we understand these problems and we always deliver your plants and flowers on time and in the same condition as when they were loaded onto our trucks.
Manly Transport offers highly flexible rates
We know that your requirements and you budget can change over time, so we offer highly flexible rates to our clients. With full load rates, pallet rates, hourly and day rates, as well as contract work rates, our flower and plant transport costs will cover any of your requirements, even if they change over time. So if your business expands and you need to change from day rates to contract work rates that’s no problem. Equally, if you want to change from day rates to hourly rates or pallet rates, all it takes is a phone call.
Manly Transport has a first class customer service
At Manly Transport we go out of our way to make sure that we look after our customers. So if you need any changes to your flower and plant transport services, we are more than happy to oblige. We even have satellite tracking on our trucks, so you can keep up to date with the ETA of your deliveries.
So if you are in the market for flower and plant transport in Brisbane, then call Manly Transport and we will ensure that all of your requirements are met, every single day.
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19 Feb 2016

A curtain side loader is a specific type of truck that is able to transport materials and cargo that needs to be loaded using a fork lift or a side loader. There is nothing special about these trucks, except that they don’t have solid sides, but are fitted with a curtain that slides backwards and forwards to allow access to the cargo.
What type of cargo requires transit in a curtain side loader?

Cargo that is typically loaded onto curtain side loaders is generally the type of material that needs to be transported on pallets. Palletised cargo has to be lifted by a forklift and unless the forklift can drive straight into the back of the truck and deposit its pallet inside the back of the truck, you need a truck that can be side loaded.
Palletised cargo helps to speed up the loading and unloading process, because the cargo can be moved around much more quickly when it is secured on a pallet. The reliability and the efficiency of using these trucks comes down to the construction of the pallets, how they are secured for transit and the loading and unloading procedures.
As you can imagine, it is much easier to load and unload pallets from the side of a truck than from the rear of a truck. Once loaded, the pallets need to be secured and the curtain is slid along the length of the trailer and firmly secured, ensuring that the pallets do not move during transit.
Warehouse deliveries and curtain side loader trucks

If your cargo or produce needs to be transported on a pallet, then you will need to use a curtain side loader. It doesn’t matter whether your palletised cargo will be offloaded at a warehouse or a retail store, the fact that it needs a forklift to load and unload it, means that you need a curtain side loader.
On the other hand, if your merchandise does not need to be transported on a pallet and can easily be loaded from the rear of a truck then you don’t need to use a curtain side loader, whether delivering to a warehouse or elsewhere.
So if you need a side loader truck to transport your cargo, check out Manly Transport for flexible hours and competitive rates.

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18 Jan 2016

If your business needs to use the services of a general freight transport company, then you know that you only want the best company on your team. Your business can’t afford late deliveries and damaged goods, which is why Manly Transport Services is one of the most trusted general freight, Brisbane delivery companies in SE Queensland.  
Manly Transport Services are a SE QLD company that delivers general freight in the local area, but who also liaise with interstate transport companies in Brisbane. So what is it that makes Manly Transport such a great transport and delivery solution for Queensland businesses?

On time deliveries

Manly Transport have a reputation for always being on time with their deliveries, regardless of whether they are delivering general freight transport locally or liaising with interstate transport companies to transfer your deliveries across Australia. They even have satellite tracking on all of their trucks, so you always know where the trucks are and the exact time they will reach their destination, down to the last minute.

A fleet of reliable trucks

Manly Transport Services have a fleet of twenty trucks, ranging from 1 to 12 tonnes, including general freight and refrigerated trucks, as well as curtain side loaders and tailgate loaders. All of their trucks are well maintained and serviced regularly, so they are kept on the road as much as possible, delivering your refrigerated and general freight. Brisbane delivery companies look at Manly Transport as their role model, because they are a well-regarded and successful transport company in the local area.

Competitive rates

Manly Transport Services makes sure that their rates are highly competitive, so that their clients always have a good deal and never pay too much for their transport needs. They also listen to their customers, because unlike some other transport companies, Manly Transport offers day, hour and pallet rates, as well as contract hire and full load rates.
All in all, Manly Transport have many years of experience in refrigerated and general freight transport  So if you are in the market for a reliable, honest and hardworking transport company to deliver your goods or merchandise to your customers, you cannot go wrong with Manly Transport Services.

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18 Jan 2016

Freight transport in Australia is one of the biggest industries in the county. The vast majority of freight is transported across the country, as well as to and from the ports, using road trucks. You will find that freight transport companies in Australia will specialise either in interstate transport, local transport, freight forwarding or a mix of these functions.
So when you are looking for freight transport in Australia, there are a number of important factors to keep in mind.  

Does the truck company have rates for partial loads?

This makes a huge difference to your costs, because if the trucking company only accepts full loads, you will be out of pocket right away – if you don’t have full loads every time you need to ship freight. So look for freight transport in Australia that offers day, hour and pallet rates, as well as full loads and contract hire work. With these options available to you, expansions or contractions in your freight requirements won’t be a real concern to your freight costs.  

Are their trucks reliable, on time and have satellite tracking?

You want to find freight transport companies in Australia that have a good reputation for being reliable with as few truck breakdowns as possible. You also want a company who has a reputation for minimal to zero breakages or damage to their freight, particularly if your merchandise is fragile or requires refrigeration. Also, if they have satellite tracking in all of their trucks, then you can keep an eye on the delivery times to ensure that your own customers are happy.

Do they have the type of trucks you need?

When you are first looking for freight transport in Australia, it is a good idea to find a company that has a range of trucks, so that if your needs change over time, you can stay with the same company. There is no point in going to all the trouble of finding a great company, but because you now need refrigerated transport, you have to change companies. So make sure that they have a range of different sized trucks, as well as curtain side loaders and tail gate trucks.
With all of this information, you should have no problem finding freight transport companies in Australia to suit your business needs.

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22 Dec 2015

At Manly Transport, we offer a wide range of general freight transport to businesses in SE QLD. So if you are looking for refrigerated or general freight delivery in Brisbane and the surrounding areas for the New Year, then you can’t go wrong by giving us a call on 07 3348 8109.
We know that as your business expands, your transport needs change. You might have a selection of fresh produce that requires refrigeration during transit, large cumbersome loads of differing sizes or simply small pallet loads.
So we offer a variety of services, which you can mix and match to suit your growing business needs. This means that if your requirements increase or decrease in the future or you need more refrigerated space and less general freight transport, you won’t have any problems working with us at Manly Transport.
What type of trucks do we have in our fleet?

Currently we have a fleet of 17 trucks, which we increase as our business continues to expand. Our trucks range from 2 tonnes to 12 tonnes, so we can carry a large variety of different loads at any one time.
We have tailgate loaders for refrigerated and general freight transport, and curtain sliders for general freight transport only. We also offer pallet rates, daily rates, hourly rates and contract hire rates, so you will have no problem putting together a transport package that suits your needs and your budget.
All of our trucks also have satellite tracking, which is a huge bonus because you can keep track of your deliveries and know the time they will be delivered to your warehouse or clients.  
What type of produce can we transport?

With our large range of trucks, we specialise in delivering fresh plants and flowers, as well as fruit and vegetables, and timber and plywood. If your produce requires refrigerated transport, then we know the temperatures needed to keep your deliveries fresh during transit, so they arrive at their destination in the same condition as when they were loaded.
So if you are growing your business and you need general fright delivery in Brisbane, Manly Transport have the expertise and the knowledge to make your expansion run smoothly.

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22 Dec 2015

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19 Nov 2015
When you are looking for interstate transport companies in Brisbane, one of the best tips is to find one that knows the local area well. Most businesses that hire freight companies in Brisbane want their products or produce delivered quickly and on time, so a local driver is going to know all of the short cuts and be able to avoid any accidents or road works quite easily.

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19 Nov 2015
If you are in the market for refrigerated transport services in Brisbane, then you want to be sure that you outsource to a reliable company with a good reputation in the local area.
Sometimes this can be harder said than done, so here are 3 tips on finding the top transport companies in Brisbane for your business.
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27 Oct 2015
If you are in the market for a Brisbane moving and storage company, then here are 3 qualities you need to look for in a reliable and trustworthy transport company.
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27 Oct 2015
If you are thinking about hiring freight transport companies in Australia, here are 2 reasons why outsourcing is a better idea than buying your own trucks.
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21 Sep 2015
We take a look at the trouble and expense involved in buying your own trucks, as opposed to outsourcing to a reliable refrigerated transport company.

27 Aug 2015

If your business needs to outsource to a Brisbane logistics company for general freight services, how do you know which company fits the bill? Well, Manly Transport Services in Brisbane are one of the leading general freight service companies in South East Queensland and there are 5 very good reasons why they should be top of your list: